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Files - Misc - Operation Monkeywrench

NameOperation Monkeywrench
DateMarch 21, 2010
DescriptionOperation: MonkeyWrench ta-v0.1

It has come to our attention that subsequent releases of GoldenEye have been revised to omit clear deficiencies in the original NGEE release. After much analysis, it is believed we can revise the content of the original so it can remain competitive with the rest of the world.

To this end, operation monkeywrench has been instituted. Applied to an unbyteswapped NGEE ROM, it will resolve outstanding bugs corrected in later releases. It has been determined you will need to revise the checksum after application, or use the GoldenEye Setup Editor's patch application feature to automatically do so.

For archival purposes, standalone versions of each patch component are to be found in the attached "Individual Patches" folder.


Patch Details: Technical Alpha -- Version 0.1

1) Remote Mine Fix: NGEJ, NGEP
Forces remote mines to test for a stopped timer. This prevents detonation of standalone objects and re-detonation of undeleted mines.

2) Staggered Explosions Fix: NGEJ, NGEP
Inhibits removal of expendable explosives when the explosion cap is reached. These will detonate at the next available opportunity.
Slight alteration from other region code in regard to proximity mines. Proximity detection is reset when they fail to explode.

3) Default Text Bank Fix: NGEP
Stages without valid text bank numbers default to Bunker I's text bank. This behaviour is different but comparable to NGEP, which assigned Citadel a valid bank number.


Questions or concerns are to be directed toward the shootersforever forum or personal email. Due to the nature of this operation, any field operation requests should be limitted to operation parameters.

From the desk of:
Lnc. Adm. Zoinkity (nefariousdogooder@yahoo.com)
Download0.005137 Mb


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