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Fort Plastro 1.1Johnny ThunderFebruary 3, 2018Fort Plastro from Army Men Sarge's Heroes
Shapes and ColorsCoockie1173August 21, 2017Shapes and Colors multiplayer map pack.
Pokemon Snap BeachSubDragDecember 23, 2016Pokemon Snap Beach level imported into GoldenEye multiplayer.
Classic Nintendo MapsSogunNovember 5, 2016Play classic maps in GoldenEye, from Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Bomberman, and Pilotwings 64.
MultiplayerX's Extended Multi ModMultiplayerXMay 8, 2014MultiplayerX Extended Map Pack
Rogue Control CenterEternally AriesDecember 1, 2013All new map, with Complex style texturing, one with objects, one without.
Archives First FloorEternally AriesOctober 10, 2013ArchivesMultiplayer map taking place in old the first floor of archives, with objects.
Mirror MultiWreckSeptember 1, 2013All the multis in GoldenEye mirrored.
Counter-Strike Map Pack 1.2MonkeyfaceAugust 25, 2013VariousA mind-blowing 10 level pack converting Counterstrike levels - a must have for all GE Online players.
Wreck's Multi PackWreckAugust 25, 2013VariousWreck's multi pack, version B. New levels include: Chemical Lab, Frigate La Fayette, Armored Train, and Antenna Cradle, and more.
Rainforest and Country Hills 1.1SogunJune 20, 2013All new multiplayer level in the deep rainforest, with lots of trees and elevations.
Solo In Multis (GoldenEye Legends)MultiplayerXJune 16, 2013Solo levels with props (without guards) in multiplayer.
WarehouseShiftClickApril 1, 2013All new multi level with lots of boxes.
Cradle DuelHackBondJanuary 29, 2013CradleA very very small level consisting of only final duel with Trevelyan.
Upper StacksReySeptember 30, 2012StackFirefights on the rails with boxes in the middle to change the action.
New Levels 1.1Phillies037August 25, 2011ManyA map pack of many variations of Solo levels in multi.
LabyrinthZoinkityFebruary 27, 2011TWINE's Labyrinth level ported to GoldenEye straight from TWINE's binary.
Super Mario BrothersEternally AriesSeptember 24, 2010Super Mario Brothers25th Anniversary multiplayer map with a Super Mario Brothers theme.
SewersEternally AriesAugust 17, 2010SewersPD's Sewers level in GoldenEye.
Bottling Room 1.1BMWJanuary 26, 2010FacilityFacility Bottling room in multiplayer with geometry modifications.
Streets Multiplayer 1.1BMWJanuary 26, 2010StreetsA complete reworking of Streets to make it into a playable multi.
Donut LandEternally AriesDecember 7, 2009Donut Land 1.1A whole new level in a donut.
Archive FullZoneEternally AriesNovember 30, 2009ArchivesArchives full zone level (entire map) in multi.
Antenna CradleEternally AriesNovember 23, 2009CradleA rework of Antenna Cradle with new props and obstacles.
Cargo ShipEternally AriesOctober 2, 2009FrigateA huge amount of barriers and unique scenary in frigate.
Moon BaseCyberenOctober 2, 2009Moon BaseA multiplayer level taking place on the moon.
New York CityEternally AriesSeptember 29, 2009StreetsTons of vehicles in a tight space in Streets.
JungleEternally AriesSeptember 29, 2009JungleCage match in Jungle.
The GameEternally AriesSeptember 29, 2009SurfaceCage match in Surface. Choose Facility in multi to play.
CompoundEntropy SoldierJuly 13, 2009A unique multi map designed so the players will be continually in a firefight.

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