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Training 003Coockie1173August 16, 2018FacilityUnique Training Mission 3.
Training 002Coockie1173July 19, 2018FacilityUnique Training Mission 2.
Hidden BaseZkaJuly 18, 2018FacilityHidden Base in retextured Facility.
Mountain BaseCoockie1173July 16, 2018Surface 1Mountain Base custom map.
Drax SiloZkaJuly 3, 2018SiloReskin based on Aztec in the Silo mission.
Training 001Coockie1173June 29, 2018FacilityTraining 001 unique level.
S-WorksCoockie1173June 20, 2018FacilityBeginning of a new series of modded levels.
Japanese TempleCoockie1173March 30, 2018EgyptCreative Egyptian mod with trick portals, and all new music.
Hill BaseCoockie1173March 3, 2018FacilityCustom brand new map at a base.
Satellite Control Bunker 2ZkaFebruary 28, 2018Bunker 2Sequel to Satellite Control Bunker.
RetractPheonarxFebruary 24, 2018Bunker 1Stealthy, completely custom map at an enemy base.
HotelZkaFebruary 18, 2018ArchivesHotel level taking place in re-textured archives.
BasementCoockie1173February 14, 2018BasementSequel to Russian Bunker 2 level.
Byelemore Cliff BaseZkaFebruary 12, 2018FacilityThird mission in series, in Facility.
Satellite Control BunkerZkaJanuary 29, 2018Bunker 1New mission taking placing in Bunker.
GoldenEye With Mario CharactersStupidMarioBros1FanJanuary 11, 2018GoldenEye with Mario Characters.
Russian Bunker 2Coockie1173January 9, 2018Bunker 2Sequel to Russian Bunker level.
Research FacilityTomislavJanuary 4, 2018FacilityUpload virus to texture-modified facility and leave.
K.I.L.L.E.R. vs. Vendetta: Expanded Edition 1.5.2Johnny ThunderDecember 30, 2017All"K.I.L.L.E.R. vs. Vendetta: Expanded Edition" is here, with surprises and 8 meg expansion.
StandoffPheonarxNovember 21, 2017Surface 1Completely custom level with voice acting continuing the story arc.
Shipping YardRey and AmiNovember 10, 2017DepotDepot level completely reworked with vehicles and interesting things.
Goldfinger 64SubDrag, Trevor, Sogun, Zoinkity, Wreck, Dragonsbrethren, MRKane, 00action, Cyberen, Monkeyface, Kyle, Sean Ryan, Garabuyo, Comet, Stolen Textures, Spinout, ShiftClickSeptember 15, 2017Goldfinger 64 leaps onto your Nintendo 64 console, in a spectacular, mind-blowing new adventure starring James Bond based on the movie.
FalloutPheonarxSeptember 12, 2017RunwayFallout custom level.
EscapePheonarxSeptember 4, 2017FacilityEscape
GasworksCoockie1173September 4, 2017FacilityFollow up to Heist, Gasworks level.
PowerplantPheonarxAugust 20, 2017DamPowerplant
Mirror ModeWreckAugust 13, 2017AllMirror all the levels in GoldenEye, for a new experience.
PollutionRetro KingAugust 12, 2017FrigateTake down's Valentin and retrieve samples from the Frigate ship.
HeistCoockie1173August 2, 2017ControlRescue hostages and free MI6 Control.
Russian BunkerCoockie1173July 8, 2017Bunker 1Enter Russian's secret Bunker and retrieve the stolen MI6 weapon.

Total Found: 131

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