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Featured Article V3 EightMegEditor V3 and 8 Meg Patch
Version 3 of the GoldenEye Setup Editor with new games, and the 8 Meg GoldenEye patch. You can’t go wrong here.

Blind Collaboration Hack
June 20, 2016 1:31 pm | SubDrag
Ami and Rey teamed up to make a hack together called GoldenEye Blind. Start without knowing how you got there, and escape, in this fun hack.

Project GoldenEye Part 1
March 31, 2016 3:46 pm | SubDrag
Project GoldenEye is a nifty new mod, that aims to take on all the levels, one by one. So far just Dam is completed.

Turok/Rainbow Six/Armorines/Hexen/Duke Nukem/Forsaken/Daikatana/Shadowgate 64 Control Mods
December 21, 2015 2:02 pm | SubDrag
I have created something non-GoldenEye/PD, to a new section here, called Misc Mods. The new zip is called Analog Control Mods, and contains control mods for a bunch of games. Of course the site will still focus on GoldenEye and PD, but if I make any patches for other games, once in a blue moon, I'll put it here. These mods all change from using the C-up/down to move like in Turok, to the analog stick, and C-up/down to aim,more like GoldenEye. Turok, Rainbow Six, Armorines, Forsaken, Shadowgate 64, and Daikatana, only had Turok style controls before. Hexen and Duke Nukem had analog move, but this makes the rest of the buttons in a better configuration. Also, it was requested for Turok 2, to make it so D-pad and C-pad were completely swapped, so that they could use the right hand on the analog, and left hand on D-pad for strafing. I don't expect to make more of those, but it's in there too.

This is a total to 7 games in here (ignoring Turok 2).
Armorines - Project S.W.A.R.M. (U)
Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (U) (V1.0)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (U)
Hexen (U)
Duke Nukem 64 (U)
Forsaken 64 (U)
John Romero's Daikatana (U)
Shadowgate 64 - Trials Of The Four Towers (U) (M2)

Non-inverted patches are available for all games where it can't be set in the game.

Perfect Dark XBLA Mp3s
December 12, 2015 1:39 pm | SubDrag
It was determined that Perfect Dark mp3s can be of higher quality (really the only limiting factor was the ROM size). Since the ROM can be pushed beyond its current 32 meg size, Pavirini was able to incorporate the XBLA mp3, with no impact to the game (except higher quality mp3) Perfect Dark XBLA Mp3s.

Rey's Q's Big Test
November 11, 2015 5:03 pm | SubDrag
Rey has posted a spinoff level, called Q's Big Test (Action World). There's quite a few different paths the level can take depending on randomization, so you'll want to play this a bunch of times.

Rey's Launch Station level
October 30, 2015 7:47 pm | SubDrag
Rey has posted a sequel level to his long-running series, called Launch Station. There's quite a bit of good stuff in this patch, including retextured and good objectives/action blocks.

Rainbow Road ported to DKR
October 2, 2015 12:09 pm | SubDrag
I just did another really quick (and my last one) test of importing another Mario Kart 64 map, from Zoinkity's rip, with Rainbow Road. For some reason, this map is often requested, inexplicable, to me. I think this finally proves that, the games are not really suitable compatible, DKR has trouble with these gigantic maps and transparency, and Rainbow Road is still not all that much fun! Probably better with human players though.

Big Donut ported to DKR
September 26, 2015 8:09 am | SubDrag
Hot on the heels of Moon-Station, I just did a quick test of importing a Mario Kart 64 map, from Zoinkity's rip, with Big Donut. In the end, although not the best level in a non-battle scenario, the process is possible and works ok, for most part.

Moon-Station DKR Track
September 25, 2015 1:40 pm | SubDrag
Comet has released the first real new DKR track, called Moon-Station. It's not perfect due the editor still being a work in progress, but it's certainly gotten the Diddy Kong Racing ball rolling in a big way! Moon-Station

GoldenEye Setup Editor V3 and 8 Meg Patch
August 2, 2015 6:16 pm | SubDrag
Two major updates today for the world of N64 Level editing and GoldenEye. One is the release of Version 3 of the GoldenEye Setup Editor with many new features and even three new games. The second, is the release of an 8 meg version of GoldenEye, that allows full advantage of the 8 meg of RAM by Zoinkity!
There are more great things in store, so keep checking back, and enjoy these gems.

GoldenEye Setup Editor V3:
The GoldenEye Setup Editor was originally released not quite 10 years ago, in October 25th, 2006. It was the culmination of early work, to edit coordinates in the Runway level, of a tool I had initially called the Runway Setup Editor. Compression was brute-forced, and there wasn’t much to it. With the help of Zoinkity and Wreck and all the GameSharking greats of the past, this blossomed into an advanced, full blown setup editor. That was version 1, which much effort was spent to get the GoldenEye Setup editing accurate, but it didn't include a desired visual interface.

A year or two later, I came out with the GoldenEye Setup Editor Version 2, which added a long-awaited visual interface. I also launched my own "spin-off" web site from the Rare Witch Project called GoldenEye Vault, to showcase all the exciting new levels created and host the ever improving editor. Slowly over time, the editor got more and more powerful. There was even an attempt to add Perfect Dark, though the initial version was lost in a hard drive crash. I released what I had done, called it something like "PerfectDarkEditorNeverToBeFinished", and went back to GoldenEye. This likely proved (though frustratingly) to be a blessing in disguise. Instead of dividing my efforts between two editors, the GoldenEye editor progressed a lot, and when I got back to Perfect Dark later, it wasn't thousands and thousands of hours to make a new Perfect Dark as I had thought, as it could be incorporated into the GoldenEye editor, instead of its own separate code base. Over years and years, the editor slowly got more powerful, allowing editing models, better support for levels, sound editing, midi editing, most recently animations, and even modelling tools such as a UV editor!

I had been asked before, what would it take to get to "Version 3" of the editor? Was it not enough to add models, animations, light sources, etc? From version 1 to 2, the major version jump had been the addition of the visual interface. Then it stayed at version 2, for almost 8 years. Finally, today, I release version 3, where I finally upgrade the major version, since I have added multiple new games, combined with the many new features that together take the editor to the next level. Special for version 3, is also the ability to “skin” the editor itself, with built-in versions that enhance the look and feel of each game, created by Trevor.

Version 3 adds a lot of great new powerful core GoldenEye/Perfect Dark editor features (such as improved guard visualization, model editing, orthographic view, etc), and then early support for Diddy Kong Racing, Mickey Speedway USA, and Jet Force Gemini (initially really just added to do some research and curiosity, but turned out to be functional). What are you waiting for? Go check out the new features and full details at the V3 Editor page.

8 Meg GoldenEye Patch:
As for the 8 meg patch, this allows for bigger levels, more objects, more variety, more textures, etc. It was made with Goldfinger 64 in mind, but it can benefit everyone right now. Once patched, the ROMs memory allocations can be increased in the 21990 Game Configuration editor, far beyond the original allocations. It works by allowing GoldenEye’s data to shift beyond the 4 meg range. It’s quite a technical achievement, and involves significant assembly code modification and extensive testing. This very exciting advancement can allow for many possibilities and expansive creation, and is compatible with V3 of the GoldenEye Setup Editor. Things that may have seemed impossible, now become possible.

You can download the editor window that Trevor made (skinning that goes with the editor), with full source and ability to set to windows theme here.

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